Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cornell University Site # 1

Site # 1


Leading the academic community of Ithaca, New York is Cornell University. Its impact upon this college town was not fully felt until the mid 1970s which saw a flight of several industries out of Tompkins county. A sort of time and sociocultural shift has been developing ever since. The best words comes to mind are:

A dream world.


Idealistic community.

Super progressive.

New York State's # 1 community.

15 square miles surrounded by reality. This is possibly the most agreed keywords used by the witnessing inhabitants of this upscale community.

Also, it is a community in which tenured faculty have achieve a patrician community class status. This was probably deliberate, as ideas which are connected to Phds are hard to compete with when you do not have equal qualifications-or though it seems.

Thus you have start in which this small introduction gives the necessary perspective in which to understand to following posts.

Mr. Roger M. Christian